Easy to Remember

Every time the customer opens their
Dial Vial, the arrow automatically
advances clockwise one position.

Why Dial Vial®

Improving compliance is a win-win for everyone involved: pharmacy, consumers and third party payers.

Introducing Dial Vial®, the first “smart” prescription container to do more than just hold pills in a child resistant package. Finally, there is an affordable and practical means to promote compliance to all of your customers.

Dial Vial® is a simple compliance tool that assists customers to better comply with their particular drug regimen throughout the duration of their prescription. It is comparable to having a pharmacist there every day reminding the patient of the importance of taking their medication as it was directed by the doctor. A convenient and truly effective patient counseling tool attached to every prescription dispensed, displaying the last time the medication was taken and when the next dose is due.

The pharmacist plays a critical role in working with patients to improve compliance and better equip them to manage their medication. Dial Vial® allows pharmacists to promote compliance, without altering the current dispensing pathway in the pharmacy. The patient continues to receive their medication in the usual manner – dispensed in a cost-effective plastic vial, labeled by the pharmacist. For the first time, there is an alternative to the labour intensive and costly compliance packages of the past.

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