Easy to Remember

Every time the customer opens their
Dial Bottle, the arrow automatically
advances clockwise one position.

Dial Bottle

Now, Dial Vial’s® “smart” packaging for prescription medicine is available in a safety or non‐safety format for non‐prescription products. This low cost packaging will add value and increased patient compliance to your product. Your customers will enjoy the simple convenience of having a visual reminder displaying the last time they took your product and when the next dose is due.

Dial Bottle comes in a 130 cc. size (250 cc. coming soon) with a sealable safety or non‐safety closure. The Dial Bottle can be paired with any one of our 5 regimen-specific caps (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x daily, or PRN).

Dial Bottle Adapter fits any 38 mm. threaded neck container to provide a sealable safety or non‐safety closure, and just like the Dial Bottle, can be used with any of our 5 caps.

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